Our Services

Hayden Consultation Services, Inc. is vendored through the regional centers to provide psychological, behavior analytic, and behavior management consultation services.

Specific services available within these areas include:

  • Participation in ISP, IPP, and/or IEP Meetings
  • Functional, Adaptive Skills, and Ecological Assessments
  • Formal Psychological and Educational Assessments
  • Positive Behavioral Support Plan Development
  • Procedural Reliability/Fidelity Assessments
  • Ongoing Caregiver Training, Coaching, and Support
  • Annual Behavioral Evaluation Reports/Updates
  • Annual Psychological Reports/Updates
  • Program Development Support
  • Program Evaluation
  • General In-Service Training (e.g., on Clients’ Rights)

Services are available to facilities through an ongoing, contractual agreement, or specific individuals may be referred on a case-by-case basis. Everyone who cares about someone with a disability or is otherwise dedicated to this field is encouraged to contact us for assistance and support.

Everyone with a disability has a right to effective treatment and a right to live a life of his or her choosing. Treatments and supports are available to ensure that no one is denied these rights.