Our Method

  • Assessment
    Accurate, up to date information is at the heart of all effective interventions. With this in mind, Hayden Consultation Services conducts initial and ongoing assessments of the relevant issues associated with the need for services
  • Intervention/Support Plan Development
    Plans are developed that are comprehensive and describe the targeted behaviors in objective/operational terms. The emphasis is on skill building and enhancing an individuals’ environment. Recommendations are made as to how to evaluate the impact of the support plan.
  • Positive Behavior Support Plan Implementation
    While written plans are helpful, we understand that this is where the rubber meets the road and confusion may reign. We will coach and support those involved to help them carry out our suggestions and maximize success.
  • Positive Behavior Support Plan Monitoring
    It may be the case that progress is not satisfactory, or that people’s needs may change. Treatment/support plans should reflect this and be responsive in a timely manner. The monitoring process will help us figure out how to better support the individual.
  • Positive Behavior Support Plan Modification
    When changes in a person’s life require us to rethink how we support them, the support plan must be modified. We see this as an essential feature of what we do.
  • Positive Behavior Support Plan Maintenance.
    Our ultimate goal is to leave the people we work with “knowing how to fish”, rather than providing a one time solution. We will work hard to assist those involved with maintaining success and utilizing newfound skills. However, should the need arise, we are happy to offer on-going support and encouragement.