Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • Childhood Adversities Increase the Risk of Psychosis

    Childhood Trauma Increases Risk for Psychosis. Research published in the journal Schizophrenia Research finds adversities experienced in childhood increases the risk for the development of psychosis later in life. The research looked at a variety of other published investigations (i.e., meta-analysis) that used various methodologies, including cross-sectional and retrospective studies, and found that experiencing adversity Continue Reading

  • HOORAY for Kirsten!!!

    Our own Kirsten Bitter recently found out she has been accepted to graduate school!!! Next fall Kirsten will be attending CSU East Bay in its combined MFT/School Psychology Program. Though we will hate to see her go, we’re all very proud of her accomplishment!!! Hmmm . . . HCSI East Bay . . ? :}

  • Reading Acquisition Linked to Visual Attention More Than Language . . .

    A study published in the journal Current Biology finds that future reading acquisition skills are more linked to visual attention than to auditory or speech sound processing. These findings upset the current theories regarding the development reading disorders, such as dyslexia. Visual attention can be assessed prior to the development of reading skills. Thus, the Continue Reading

  • Autism Symptom Improvement Variable . . .

    A report published on MedlinePlus indicated the symptoms associated with autism improved unevenly based on various factors, including ethnicity, education of parents, and levels of intellectual disability. Researchers in a study published in the journal Pediatrics also found that ten percent of those diagnosed with autism improved “dramatically” during the course of their review period. Continue Reading

  • Martial Arts for Special Kids

    Sensei Shawn Danaher, BCaBA candidate and close friend of Hayden, is exploring local interests in starting up a martial arts class for those with special needs. Ideally, the class will include not only those with special needs but also individuals without disabilities. Sensei Danaher is a 4th degree (4th Dan) black belt in Shotokan Karate Continue Reading

  • OOOOPPPSSS!!! My Mistake!

    Amber Bharoocha no longer works for us. HOWEVER, Amber WALZ does!!! I am happy to announce Amber’s and Jess’ wedding of two weeks ago (I just got approval from the newlywed to announce!). As you can see, the rain stopped and the clouds cleared for the blessed event! We all wish them both a happy Continue Reading