Ethics Training Needed in Ed. Leadership . . . In an article published in Education Week, the author states “All educators have a responsibility to do the right thing; right not only regarding regulations, laws, policies, and procedures, but right as it touches the hearts, souls, and minds of the children they are charged with educating.” The author quotes Tom Sobol, Professor Emeritus at Columbia University in which he wrote “..avoiding doing wrong is not enough. The moral imperative for educational leaders is to also do right. People who are entrusted with the education of children and young people have an affirmative duty of care. They are responsible for the education and welfare of the students in their charge, and this responsibility must be carried out through positive action.”

This author provides a compelling argument in favor of providing those in leadership positions with training in ethics, morals, and values. Though we should presume that these will not be anything new to these individuals, we should remember that those in leadership positions work in environments with contingencies that may be at odds with what is in the best interest of their students (e.g., budget). Such training would provide a reminder of the core mission of educational systems and hopefully encourage these professionals to “do the right thing.”

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