Jeffery L. Hayden

BACB# 1-04-1834

Dr. Hayden has a long history of providing consultation and support to those challenged with developmental disabilities and/or serious mental illnesses, as well as those that care about and for them. Dr. Hayden has worked as a direct support professional and administrator in various residential facilities, a clinician and researcher at the UCLA Clinical Researcher Unit at Camarillo State Hospital and Developmental Center, a supervisor for a State funded mental health team serving the homeless mentally ill, and as a behavioral consultant working with individuals, staff, and caregivers, across an array of settings, from river bottoms to family homes. Dr. Hayden has participated in numerous scientific studies in a variety of areas, including behavior therapy, psychopharmacology, neuropsychiatry, and clinical neuroscience. Dr. Hayden’s current focus of research and practice revolves around functional behavioral assessment, applied behavior analysis/positive behavioral support, treatment implementation/procedural reliability, and caregiver training. A complete listing of Dr. Hayden’s work may be found in his CV