In her recent work with a family dealing with the impending death of the family’s patriarch, Dr. Hayden came to fully understand and appreciate the myriad obstacles families face in supporting loved ones who are facing mental or physical challenges. Regardless whether these challenges occur at the end of a loved one’s life, during a traumatic event that occurs through tragedy or illness onset during the course of a loved one’s life, or the challenge becomes present at birth, families and caregivers face similar obstacles.

Through Dr. Hayden’s extensive work history she has gained invaluable experience and expertise in assisting families come to Heartfelt decisions related to caring for loved ones who are in need as well as decisions that affect the family as a whole. Dr. Hayden has also developed a network of trusted colleagues and associates who are able to provide essential services and supports that are outside her own scope of ordinary practice.

With the launch of Heartfelt Care Services, families will have an invaluable resource to help them navigate the next phase of their lives, one all families will confront in the future.